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These are emotional chord character types that I play well because I understand them with my whole heart.

"The Over-Thinker"

 The over-thinker afraid of being trapped by her decisions or missing out on what might have been....

​Similar Character: Brie Larson in "Short Term 12"


"Little Sister"

The little sister who over achieves in order to earn the parent's love, attention and approval

Similar Character: Natalie Portman in " Black Swan"

​Color: Boisenberry

"The Free Spirit"   

The young woman who stops to smell the flowers. She lives life fully, she is joyful, vulnerable, child-like, and fear-less self. She demands others to do the same!

Similar Character : Zoë Kravitz

Color:    Turquoise

"The Love that doesn't quit"

"The devoted heart with a love that doesn't quit despite all the odds" 

Similar Characters : Akosua Busia in "The Color Purple", Taraji P. Henson in "Hustle & Flow", 
Color: Crimson

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