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Interviews X Brittany Mirabilé

"...While many people know Kimmy from her infamous “candy bar” quote—Brittany is quick to point out that it’s much more than a candy bar when it comes to Kimmy..."

Graveyard Shift Sisters X
Brittany Mirabilé

"...I got the exciting opportunity to pick Brittany's brain about her role and one of the aspects of the purge not quite explored with such a punch in previous films; its impact on 'The Purge' generation..."

Horrific Network X Brittany Mirabilé

Check out the Podcast interview below

The MTR Network X Brittany Mirabilé

Check out my Comic Con interview with The MTR Network X  Brittany Mirabilé

"...Mauxa ha intervistato Brittany Mirabile, attrice che nel film interpreta Kimmy, ovvero il capo degli adolescenti che aderiscono allo sfogo annuale. Gli oppositori allo sfogo, Joe e Marcos in una scena respingono proprio questi seguaci di The Purge..."

Eve Naturally X Brittany Mirabilé

"...After seeing her stand-out performance in The Purge: Election Year we connected with the Bronx, New York native who agreed to chat with us about her character..."

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